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Here is a list of my upcoming book projects. I will keep you posted on the process.




Doorman: The Art and Science of Bouncing


This book is everything you need to know about bouncing. Michael Miller has several years of bouncing experience and in this book, he covers all areas regarding the trade and includes some personal stories to elaborate on the principles he explains about the profession. Aside from Miller's own intense knowledge and experience, he interviewed numerous former and current bouncers for information to include in this book. This book can be considered the bible of bouncing. 

The Foreword was written by former world kickboxing champ and actor Don "The Dragon" Wilson


I'm Not Too Fat To Dance


This is Doreen DiRienzo's autobiography. She's the first and only female 10th degree black belt in American Kenpo, and although that journey will be included in this book, the premise of her story is about her struggles with an eating disorder, how she overcame it, and the healing process of all that happened to her. 


Martial Intellect 2


This is a sequel to Michael Miller's book "Martial Intellect" which was a book of martial arts/self-defense articles Miller has written throughout the years. "Martial Intellect 2" is a full book of brand-new articles including some interview articles with celebrity martial artists. 


Wild and Crazy Kid: The Donnie Jeffcoat Story


This is the autobiography of actor Donnie Jeffcoat. He began acting at the age of seven and found himself with key roles on many hit TV shows including The Wonder Years, Punky Bruster, Who's the Boss, 7th Heaven, Step by Step, and many others. He also starred in many movies including Ghoulies 2, The Night of the Demons, and Wish Upon A Star, to name a few. He was also one of the hosts on Nickelodeon's Wild and Crazy Kids. This is about Donnie's life in Hollywood as a young kid and the roles he played on screen throughout his 40 years of acting.


The Haunting on High Street


This is my first fiction book. My writing credits for fiction books will be under the name M.A. Miller. This book will take a while. I only work on it when I take a break from my non-fiction books, but I'm excited to be writing it. I'm enjoying the process.




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