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Kenpo Perspectives


Kenpo Perspectives: The Diversity of American Kenpo is filled with a wealth of information for all American Kenpo practitioners and instructors around the world. American Kenpo founder Ed Parker said, "Every Kenpo black belt is a style unto himself." Every person is different, and each person who studies Parker's system creates his own style of that system. This book illustrates that concept while displaying the common ground found within the system, and also provides a lot of insight from many different perspectives for those who truly want to dive into the inner workings of the American Kenpo system from its inception to what it is today. This book includes a detailed analysis of the perspectives, interpretations, and beliefs of some of the top American Kenpo instructors in th world about the blueprint of American Kenpo and how they understand it, teach it, and apply it.


The 15 American Kenpo dignitaries interviewed for this book include: Chuck Sullivan, Dave Hebler, Michael Robert Pick, Sean Kelley, Doreen DiRienzo, Rainer Schulte, Bob White, Paul Dye, Pat Salantri, John Sepulveda, Dennis Conatser, Steve LaBounty, Skip Hancock, Brian Duffy, and Rich Hale

Almost every senior black belt in Kenpo has a different story to tell about how he came to the martial arts. Rainer Schulte's journey has a most unlikely beginning and is more like a James Bond novel than a biography.

Joe Hyams - Bestselling author of Zen in the Martial Arts


The overwhelming and outstanding values of Sean Kelley are seen inside and outside of the martial arts world. This book exemplifies that.

Jeff Speakman - star of The Perfect Weapon

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